On Grief

  In the last few years, as a result of the increasing age of myself and everyone I know, death and grief has increasingly become dinner table talk and has led to me drawing a few conclusions on the topic I’d like to share. Obviously, if you’re looking for something funny to read, this ain’t […]

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All About Steve

I thought I’d devote this post to telling you a bit about myself. The odds are that you already know too much about me but, let’s face it, it’s disgusting egotism that inspires someone to even consider writing a blog so I’m taking this opportunity to talk more about myself. Or more specifically, the name […]

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Tuesday, 8am

  Backpacker: What’s the weather like today? Me: Sunny. 32 Degrees. Backpacker: All day? Me:  No. After 6 billion years the sun is going to burn out around 2pm today.    

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El Mankle

Ladies and gents, it’s time to get serious. Come in a little closer, that’s right, scoot in real close so we can have a serious conversation. Too often we get lost in the ocean of distraction that enshrouds our modern lives, so how about today we all sit down together and discuss something a bit […]

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Fish and Chips

  Not meeting new people is something I am becoming increasingly passionate about. There’s a multitude of reasons, though mostly it’s to do with the inevitable “So.. what do you like to do?” conversation bomb being dropped by a stranger who clearly has nothing better to say. It’s a battle, countering such a line of […]

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When Birth Comes To Shove

Well, this is my second post. It’s only my second time, really. Like all great acts with a hit debut I’m a tad nervous my sophomoric effort is going to be a bit of a let down. Mind you, I’m not nearly as nervous as some pregnant African girls must be. You see, having undergone […]

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He’s a Rocket Man.

  Occasionally during a relationship you find yourself gazing lovingly at your other half as they are doing something menial, like pottering in the kitchen or reading a book on the train, and you muse over what it is that initially attracted you to them. Why them? Why this particular person, instead of one of […]

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