All About Steve

I thought I’d devote this post to telling you a bit about myself. The odds are that you already know too much about me but, let’s face it, it’s disgusting egotism that inspires someone to even consider writing a blog so I’m taking this opportunity to talk more about myself. Or more specifically, the name “Steve”.

According to, “Steve” is defined as a really nice guy. The guy you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The one you can take home to your parents. This actually re-confirms something that I’ve said my whole adult life, which is that Steves are nice guys who love their kids, get on with everyone but have bitch wives who totally wear the pants. Sure, it’s a generalisation, but almost every Steve I’ve ever met, apart from myself, fits this description. Steve is a pussy.

Regardless, I was initially content about being defined this way on Urban Dictionary (as it beats being described as “slang for a piece of faeces that refuses to un-stick itself from the toilet bowl” or something similarly as unflattering), until I looked up my other male friends’ names and they are all described as variables of “a person with an enormous penis”. So I’m a nice guy, and everyone else is hung.

On a side note, Steve is also defined as “A thong that is visable above the trouser line of a girl”. I am happier about this.

Enjoy my blog.




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